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I teach everyone how to
choose joy every day

Break through your limiting beliefs and find balance at the intersection of wellness and career exploration

Make a choice
do it scared

Time to Make a Change

Change is hard. We don’t make changes because we let fear dictate our choices. Chances are you know what change you need to make, but something is stopping you. Too often we prefer what’s familiar to the unknown even when we know that familiar place is causing us pain. Our fears become barriers to applying our strengths. I’m here to tell you to do it scared.

Whether you want to relieve pain points in life and get unstuck or need to leave a toxic work environment, but don’t know where you’ll go when you do, you are capable of making the change you need to make. And you don’t have to do it alone.

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are what keep us stuck and in pain. That is where I come in. I help you cut through the noise of your own thoughts and feelings so you can move forward in the direction you need to go.

How many times have you thought to yourself, I’m not good enough? How many times have you felt unworthy of the next chapter of your life you know should be yours? It’s time to make a choice to move forward. I’ll be your accountability partner and biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

don'T let fear or the idea of going
alone keep you from trying

More than a Coach

You Dont Have to Stay Stuck

Need to make a change, but aren't sure where to start? Take the "What's Your Pain Point Quiz" and add some clarity to your life.

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Joy is Your Birthright

With a coach by your side and a consultant on your team, you can accomplish your goals and live a life full of joy that is rightfully yours. Together you will discover and engage your strengths so you can reach your full potential. You’ll find clarity, develop an action plan, create balance and learn to choose joy every day. 


Group Training

1:1 Coaching


For companies and NGO's looking to provide coaching to their employees in leadership training, emotional intelligence and much more in order to provide support to their teams and retain great talent.

For individuals looking for one-on-one help as they navigate workplace challenges and leadership opportunities or work through the process of self-discovery as it relates to their relationships, health, career or all three.

For individuals looking for a quick start as they navigate a workplace or life change and need a solid strategy and clarity on how to get started.

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Get a Jumpstart on Joy

Wondering what it's like to work with me? Here are some quick tips to get you started on your joy journey. Scroll through the videos to watch each one.

grow your choice muscles and
learn to choose joy every day

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Watch as your personality, strengths, values and skillsets start to align and gain a feeling of accomplishment as you  experience clarity and find balance where it was lacking before.

experience your new reality


We will work through any layers of limiting beliefs, target any fears that are keeping you stuck and move through them all together. Throughout this time you will be seen and heard as you grow closer to your vision.

receive accountability


With your focus set, I will work with you on a strategy to reach your goals. This may come in the form of micro-habits, a step-by-step guide or  accountability for what you already know you need to do.

develop the plan


Through the use of intuitive questions, relevant assessments, and vision-casting tools I'll create a safe and brave place for you to explore and determine your focus.

Cast the vision


The Approach

I'll be your

Strategic Thought Partner

Choice Champion

Accountability Provider

Growth Advocate

Biggest Fan

Inspirational Motivator

Change Coach

Like most folks my age, I’ve had several different roles over the years and have gone through multiple career transitions. Six years ago, I had a wild idea to create this coaching practice. With a Master of Divinity and an MBA from Emory University, Joyful Living Coaching became the perfect manifestation of who I am and what I’ve trained for. I have now added credentialing from the International Coaching Federation and love supporting others in their development as they evolve through the different stages of both their careers and lives. My own transition into this role has helped me face fears and lean into my power and strength in ways I couldn’t have imagined 10 or 20 years ago and I am so happy to be able to share that with you. 

I am the owner and founder of
Joyful Living Coaching

Meet Your New Coach

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Client Love

After working with Maureen, I now talk about how I work and why my work excites me, instead of just listing a job title. Her guidance gave me the clarity and confidence to search for and achieve the next step in my career.

Financial Services/career transition

This coaching offering (by my employer) is helping me feel engaged and giving me a sense of loyalty to an employer that I thought no longer existed in the workplace.

Regional ops manager/leadership

I accepted a Director of Product Development role today with the company that you helped me interview prep for. I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance through my job search process. You really helped me get focused and zero in on what I truly wanted. My new role is exactly what I envisioned after our strategy session. I appreciate your help so much! I recommend you to everyone I know who is job hunting.

Marketing/Job search strategy

Maureen was invaluable in shaping my interview strategy and interview preparation. in a matter of a couple sessions I felt I had the minset, toolkit and confidence to perform in all of my interview opportunities. She assessed my situation quickly and was highly pragmatic in her recommended approach - and most importantly, she provided me with increased knowledge on how to situation myself in a position I truly aspired for. If you are looking for sometime to provide advice tailored to your professional skills, career ambitions and personal aspirations, look no further than Maureen!

Strategy Consultant/Jumpstart: interview prep

Maureen Sweatman is the BEST! Warm, smart, helpful, knows her stuff- the list goes on!

sahm/side hustle scaling

Coaching with Maureen was a breath of fresh air, providing professional and warm guidance. She gives so much confidence as you refresh, reset, and set intentions and a plan for new endeavors.

retail business owner/visioning and goal setting


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