Tired of feeling stuck at work? Facing a layoff and not sure what to do? Has it been years since you’ve done a job search?
Ever wonder if there’s a better way to earn a living than doing something you don’t like or makes you miserable?
Do you know what your strengths are and use them in your career?
If you are ready for a career that engages your strengths and offers a life full of JOY, purpose, meaning, and happiness, I can help you discover how YOU CAN make the changes needed to live your best life.
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Maureen was a great help in refining my resume. Her critical analysis included valuable suggestions on language, editing, and structure, which resulted in a much more focused, concise, and readable document. As a writer and editor, I fully appreciate that we all need a capable second pair of eyes on our work, especially our resumes. I highly recommend Maureen for that role.” – John


“I would like to thank Maureen Sweatman for assisting me in critiquing my resume and cover letter and prepping me for an interview. I had not prepared a resume in years, let alone a cover letter. I don’t think cover letters were required the last time I applied for a job many, many moons ago. I did not know how to organize my resume based on the duties and requirements of the job.  She showed me how connect the major words and highlight them in my qualifications. I never knew my qualifications would look so good and professional on a resume. She took the time to call me for a mock interview to help me express myself clearly and professionally. She gave me tips on how to interview and techniques to practice at home.”