About JLC

JLC Founder and Career Coach: Maureen Sweatman

My life’s work is to support people in the process of discovering and growing their strengths and unleashing their potential for living a life full of joy and purpose.

Maureen Sweatman (MBA, MDiv) is a career coach with over 10 years of experience who uses a strengths-based approach in supporting others to engage their strengths to reach their full potential. With formal training in business and ethics at Emory University, she is a natural at supporting others in their development as they evolve through the different stages of their career.

Maureen has dedicated her life’s work to coaching and training others to engage their strengths to reach their full potential. She has coached thousands of professionals and students and specializes in supporting mid-career professionals looking to make a transition in their career trajectory by assessing strengths and exploring alternative career paths. She counsels new professionals on how to launch their career, hone their leadership skills, and engage successfully with their employers. She also advises senior leaders to embrace generational differences and diversity to enhance their human capital strategy.

Maureen is also an avid champion of giving back to one’s community with a long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. As a Bonner Scholar during her college days at Wofford College, she learned the value of finding one’s passion and then using that passion to serve the local community for the greater good. She volunteers with several organizations in metro Atlanta, including the Birthday Party Project, and previously served as the Board President of Ten Thousand Villages Atlanta and was one of the founding members of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.