It’s ok to grieve and have ALL the feelings right now

“It’s absurd to think we shouldn’t feel grief right now. Let yourself feel the grief and keep going.”

This is a powerful and feeling-provoking article. Let’s support one another in naming the feelings we have right now and doing what we need to do to support our mental health and overall well-being.

Below, I offer one of my favorite quotes that anchors me when my feelings overwhelm me.


Still Choosing Joy?

On this day 9 of self-imposed quarantine, this salad of fresh veggies (from my local farm delivery yesterday-SO grateful to Bag’d Atlanta) sparked great joy. Like you, I’ve had my share of frustrations, fear, anger and anxiety in the last week. I have been reminded of all that I don’t control. I realized quickly that I needed to choose to shift that energy as quickly as possible to feeling more centered and being intentional about my choices (how I spend my time, how much media I consume, how I homeschool my daughter, etc.).

During this time of uncertainty, I am reminded of my #choosejoy motto and I am doing my best to see and choose joy in things that used to feel insignificant and I could take for granted. Fresh apples and honey never tasted so sweet. Chewing kale uses a lot of face muscles! Riding my stationary bike while I catch up on social media makes my leg muscles tingle. Working with my co-workers reminds me of what phenomenal human beings they truly are. Singing along with thousands to the Indigo Girls FB Live show was an emotional release and inspired me to find more moments to sing each day. Snuggles with my dog are calming. Texts and phone calls to my framily keep me feeling connected. Recieving word that my daughter, Jaz, was accepted to her dream high school made me so proud of her hard work and excited for her. Planning ways to make her feel special on her 13th birthday this coming week has me tapping into my creativity. Opening the windows to hear the birds sing, feel the breeze, and watch our cats revel in all the outside sounds and smells helps me feel rooted and connected.

In the coming days and hopefully long past this time of quarantine, I will continue to observe myself and be intentional to pay attention to and choose joy in all the moments I took for granted so that this time is well spent with being reminded of the goodness of simple things that provide deep and abiding joy. Won’t you join me?


Vision Board Party and Holiday Gift Specials

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Upcoming Special Event

I am teaming up with Marnie over at Gathered and Grounded in Decatur, GA, to offer a Winter Late Over on the evening of 12/7 for female identified teens ages 12 to 17. I will be leading them in making vision boards for the upcoming new year. Marnie will lead them in yoga and other activities.

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LinkedIn Tips

It is generally expected that most professionals have a profile on LinkedIn. No, it’s not like Facebook or other social media platforms so don’t use it that way. It should convey your personal brand and strengths.

LI is also a platform for professional networking. It is a critical tool for those conducting a job search. The real key is to not wait until you are in job search mode to use LI. Build your network now!

You can also use LI to research different job postings and an organization’s personnel if you are exploring what might be next for your career.

There’s a lot I could say about LI do’s and don’ts but the bottom line is that you need to use it to be competitive in today’s job market.

To help you get started, I’ve included links below to some very helpful (and short) videos on how to create and maximize your LI profile.

Remember to make a strong profile before reaching out to connect with others. And for the love of all that’s holy, take the time to send a short personalized note when you do start sending connection requests. Otherwise, you are being spammy and no one likes that.


School’s Out for Summer

As many of you excitedly (and exhaustedly) kick off “summer break” this Memorial Day weekend, I am reminded that it’s a good time to do some reflection. Looking back over the last 6 months to a year, are you feeling joyful about where your life is? Do you feel like you have control over all the parts of your life that make for a “balanced” life? If you can answer yes to these questions, I offer congratulations and encourage you to savor that feeling! If not, be reminded that you have the power to change any of the reasons that made you answer no. You can hit the reset button and make 2 to 5 new SMART goals that can put you on the course you want to be on in life. As always, I believe in you and am hear to support you when needed. #choosejoy