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Below are some of my favorite tools and resources to help you along your journey towards growth and development. Some I've developed myself and others are just plain too good not to share.

How to Make a
Vision Board

You can't set helpful goals if you don't know the vision they support. Grab your supplies and use the worksheet linked above to get started on your vision board today!

capture your Big, brave, bold vision

5 Steps to Creating More Joy

Learn how to bring more joy into your life and the way you operate in the world, despite your circumstances.

A conversation with brandon smith
of the workplace therapist show

buy books

sacred rest

Emotional Agility

big magic


The Book of Joy

The alchemist

Shop local and support small business through my affiliate link with Brave and Kind Bookstore!

Favorite Books

How to Embrace Being Perfectly Imperfect

In this video, I speak with Emory alumni about the role fear and self-sabotage play in keeping you caged in a cycle of trying and failing to be perfect. You will learn strategies to manage those fears and explore how choosing joy can teach you to embrace being perfectly imperfect.

Joy is a choice,
not a destination

Choose Joy

A little music to bring more joy into your life.

hear the tracks

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I hope these resources can be a great starting place as you begin your journey to a more purpose-driven and joy-filled life. If anything here has sparked your curiosity of what it's like to work with me, please use the contact form below to get in touch or schedule a free consultation today!


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