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What’s Your Work? Can You Name It?

“And while we’re here, let’s get to our work!” Wes Moore closes his powerful Super Soul Sunday talk with these words having explained the importance in knowing the difference between our job and our work. Do these words excite you? Terrify you? Do they make you “nervicited” as my daughter likes to say? (nervous and excited mashup)

Regardless of how you feel about it, can you honestly say you are doing your work? Can you even name it? It took me over 20 years to figure out my work. My work is helping others to name their work and find a way to do their work at their job (when possible). I help people just like you to grow their choosing muscles so they can feel empowered to choose joy, choose to do their work no matter how much it scares them, and choose to be fully themselves in this world that doesn’t always respect that choice.

Please don’t put off your work any more. As Wes reminds us, no more days are promised. Let’s start doing our work today! As always, reach out if I can support you. The world needs more people doing their work.


What Do I Do? Keep Choosing

Source: Instagram post

At the end of a difficult week for our country, I’ve seen many social media posts asking how they can help with creating the change needed to address our country’s racial injustice and systems of oppression. There are no clear or easy or one size fits all answers. But it is clear we all have work to do! For some it is being on the front lines of protests, for some it’s educating oneself on how to be anti-racist, for some it’s putting resources (money AND network) to use, and many other roles that must be played for change to actually happen this time. Because let’s be clear that this is not new work and some folx have been in the trenches for years.

There’s a lot I feel and could say, but I’ll spare you that soapbox. In my reflections, I keep coming back to my coaching philosophy which is reminding us all of the power of our ability to choose. Choose Joy. Choose Love. Choose Justice.

One of the ways I have chosen to live my values and own my power to choose this week has been to create a crowdsourced list of POC-owned businesses to support. POC = People of Color. This initially started as way to collect and create a list for a local mom FB group and has since expanded beyond. A fellow mom suggested converting to a website for ease of use and expanded access. I think that is a great idea so here we are!

Here is the POC-owned businesses spreadsheet that mostly includes businesses local to Decatur, GA and Metro Atlanta with a few national sites as well. Everything from dentists to clothing to restaurants to plumbers and everything in between. Please share with your networks and shop on these sites before clicking on your favorite meal divery site or online giant retailer.

If you have suggestions to add to the list, add them directly to the spreadsheet. We want to keep this crowdsourced and true to it’s intent to support POC businesses so please make sure you only add POC-owned businesses to the list.

And above all else, please figure out your role and let’s all use our strengths and our power to choose to make change for racial justice a reality. Keep choosing!


It’s ok to grieve and have ALL the feelings right now

“It’s absurd to think we shouldn’t feel grief right now. Let yourself feel the grief and keep going.”

This is a powerful and feeling-provoking article. Let’s support one another in naming the feelings we have right now and doing what we need to do to support our mental health and overall well-being.

Below, I offer one of my favorite quotes that anchors me when my feelings overwhelm me.


Still Choosing Joy?

On this day 9 of self-imposed quarantine, this salad of fresh veggies (from my local farm delivery yesterday-SO grateful to Bag’d Atlanta) sparked great joy. Like you, I’ve had my share of frustrations, fear, anger and anxiety in the last week. I have been reminded of all that I don’t control. I realized quickly that I needed to choose to shift that energy as quickly as possible to feeling more centered and being intentional about my choices (how I spend my time, how much media I consume, how I homeschool my daughter, etc.).

During this time of uncertainty, I am reminded of my #choosejoy motto and I am doing my best to see and choose joy in things that used to feel insignificant and I could take for granted. Fresh apples and honey never tasted so sweet. Chewing kale uses a lot of face muscles! Riding my stationary bike while I catch up on social media makes my leg muscles tingle. Working with my co-workers reminds me of what phenomenal human beings they truly are. Singing along with thousands to the Indigo Girls FB Live show was an emotional release and inspired me to find more moments to sing each day. Snuggles with my dog are calming. Texts and phone calls to my framily keep me feeling connected. Recieving word that my daughter, Jaz, was accepted to her dream high school made me so proud of her hard work and excited for her. Planning ways to make her feel special on her 13th birthday this coming week has me tapping into my creativity. Opening the windows to hear the birds sing, feel the breeze, and watch our cats revel in all the outside sounds and smells helps me feel rooted and connected.

In the coming days and hopefully long past this time of quarantine, I will continue to observe myself and be intentional to pay attention to and choose joy in all the moments I took for granted so that this time is well spent with being reminded of the goodness of simple things that provide deep and abiding joy. Won’t you join me?


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