What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back from living a life full of joy and meaning? Bad boss? Role that doesn’t challenge you? No, it’s the thing that holds us all back – FEAR, especially fear of change! Bosses and roles can be changed if you get your fears in check. 

Fear is different for each of us though some of us have certain fears in common. One of my fears is not being good enough. I bet some of you can relate. My coach has challenged me in the past to find the joy in good enough as is and I am continually practicing and growing that muscle. You see, I’m one of those type A, overachieving superwomen who prides herself on being able to juggle it all. The truth is I am pushing myself from a place where the fear of not being good enough reigns. My childhood experiences gave me an internal script of not being good enough that drives me to seek perfection. The good news is that I have been rewriting that script and rewiring my brain as an adult to not believe that fear when it comes to call and accept myself at any given moment as good enough.

While our fears may never go away completely because the truth is that fear serves the purpose of protecting us on a very primal, reptilian brain level, we can tame those fears so that we are aware of them. They don’t have to control our lives. We CAN control them! The first step in doing so is naming your fears. 

So, what fears hold you back from living a joyful life? Are they real and alive to you or are they repressed and periodically show up unexpectedly and throw you off your path? Whatever the case may be, take some intentional time to reflect on your life and see your fears. Really see them! Call them by name and embrace them for their attempt to keep you safe and then grow the muscles that put fears in their proper place and leave you in control.


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