JOMO…Sign Me Up!

You’ve probably heard of and even felt FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) especially since lots of marketing efforts today use FOMO strategies to get you to buy any manner and goods of services that you can’t live well without. It’s the adult version of teenage peer pressure. And it plays on and keeps us focused on our fears. A big part of my coaching process is getting clients to focus on joy instead of fear because what we focus on grows. And I don’t know about you but I see the need for more JOY in our world, not more fear.

I saw the picture below recently and being a joy junkie and an intovert was immediately smitten with the notion of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). During this hustle and bustle time of year when we are supposed to be merry and bright and filled with good cheer, most of us are exhausted trying to keep up with all the shoulds and to dos in the name of holiday perfection (SO much FOMO). Instead of getting all caught up in the holiday FOMO, what if we also practiced a little JOMO. It’s ok (maybe even glorious) if you don’t attend every holiday party, holiday market, or holiday concert and do something instead to take care of yourself. Go for a run if that’s your thing. Sit on the couch and binge the latest show on Netflix if that’s your thing. Whatever your thing is that helps you unplug and feel more joy and less stressed instead FOMO, do that and be refreshed and renewed so you can enjoy the holidays and all the days to come in the new year. Don’t wait on a new year’s resolution to start taking care of yourself! Join me in practicing JOMO!

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