An Easy Solution for How to Make Time for Yourself

Do you dedicate some of your precious time to think and process in a safe space without any work or home demands? Setting aside that time is a common challenge and figuring out how to do so and make yourself a priority is essential to your well-being.

A coaching session with me offers you a way to set aside that time for yourself. Book a complimentary consult today to discuss what would be helpful for your schedule and needs (or go ahead and treat yourself to a session if you’re feeling motivated) here.  

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How to Conduct an Informational Interview

Don’t let the word interview deter you! Informational interviews are an important part of managing your career. Don’t wait until you are conducting a job search to do an informational interview. They aren’t just for new professionals. They are a critical part of staying connected to your professional network and expanding your knowledge of your current sector as well as exploring others.

Check out this article for sample questions and suggestions for how to reach out and ask for an informational interview.

Action Step: Identify 2 people in your network that you would like to learn more about their career story or employer and reach out and ask for time to discuss it with them. You don’t have to call it an informational interview in your communications with them but you’ll know that’s what you are doing and you’ll be one step further in managing your career.


Are You Contemplating a Career Change? Consider these 4 Questions

Are you contemplating a career change this year? If so, are you clear on the change you want to make? Most of my clients want some support in figuring out their next steps. Here are some questions for reflection:

  • How will you feel a year from now if you haven’t made a change?
  • How do you typically make decisions? Can you apply that process here? Why or why not?
  • Is your work (& employer) in alignment with your visions, values, strengths, and interests? If not, are you open to explore where/what might be a better fit?
  • What fears are keeping you stuck and in pain? Are you willing to manage those fears instead of letting them manage you?

Book a complimentary consult call here and let’s discuss how I can support you in living and working with less fear and more joy and fulfillment.

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Video: How to Make a Vision Board

Vision boards are powerful tools that can help us live a life we love! I have good news: vision boards aren’t just a January thing! It’s never too late to set a vision for yourself! Our goals and action plans often fizzle or fall short because they aren’t grounded in a vision of what we want for our life and career. What we focus us on grows! What are you focused on in 2021? Click here for a helpful article on why vision boards work.

Here’s a how to video by yours truly to help you create a vision board as a tangible image of your vision.

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Recent Article in OutBulb

Thanks to OutBulb, an online magazine for women entrepreneurs, for recently featuring my article “How to Grow Your Choice Muscles and Choose Joy Today”