Can You Choose Joy Today?

How could you start to choose joy today? It’s a new way of being for many of us but you can grow your choice muscles. Start today. Choose one moment, one feeling, one person, or one thing that brings you joy. Then rinse and repeat tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at flexing those choice muscles. #choosejoy @glennondoyle


How Can We Pay It Forward Today?

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Last week in one of my local mom groups, a mom reached out to ask if she could help match those in need of help with expenses with those who have extra funds to share. In that simple (and thoughtfully kind) message, she was able to coordinate helping 24 community members with over $3,000 in support in a matter of hours. That experience inspired me to find a way to share resources with a mom in my community this weekend. Having been the receiver of many acts of kindness throughout my life, I know the value of receiving and being inspired to pay it forward in kindness.

Times are surely tough right now and so many are hurting in so many ways. It’s easy to turn inward and focus on self during difficult times. I have found that focusing on others actually makes difficult times a little less difficult. When I focus on others, I am less focused on my problems and the related fears that create noise in my spirit.

My personal challenge for myself and to you is to find one way each day that we can pay it forward to someone else. What can we do or say to bring a little joy to someone else? To remind them that hope and joy abound even in the midst of the difficult times. Try it today and see what happens! #choosejoy