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Joyful Blog

I have gathered several things (quotes, pictures, baubles, etc.) over the years that sit on the corner of my office desk (and all around my home). They serve as reminders of who I am and who I want to become. One of the things I placed there recently is a notecard with the following question: […]

Career, Coaching, Job Search, Self-Care

May 30, 2021

What Place Do You Want to Make Decisions From?

I hear it time and time again. “Can you help me with my resume?” My response is almost always the same. “Yes, I can and I will but we won’t start there.” Your resume is not the best place to start when conducting a job search or contemplating a career transition. I understand the attraction […]

Career, Coaching, Job Search, Resume

May 15, 2021

Don’t Start With the Resume! Start with Yourself Instead

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