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At the end of a difficult week for our country, I’ve seen many social media posts asking how they can help with creating the change needed to address our country’s racial injustice and systems of oppression. There are no clear or easy or one size fits all answers. But it is clear we all have […]

Civic Engagement, Coaching, vision

June 6, 2020

What Do I Do? Keep Choosing

“It’s absurd to think we shouldn’t feel grief right now. Let yourself feel the grief and keep going.” This is a powerful and feeling-provoking article. Let’s support one another in naming the feelings we have right now and doing what we need to do to support our mental health and overall well-being. Below, I offer […]

Coaching, Self-Care

March 25, 2020

It’s ok to grieve and have ALL the feelings right now

On this day 9 of self-imposed quarantine, this salad of fresh veggies (from my local farm delivery yesterday-SO grateful to Bag’d Atlanta) sparked great joy. Like you, I’ve had my share of frustrations, fear, anger and anxiety in the last week. I have been reminded of all that I don’t control. I realized quickly that […]


March 21, 2020

Still Choosing Joy?

I am offering 2 Joyful Living Coaching Holiday Specials that make great gifts for loved ones (including yourself) who are in need of a career change as well as a vision board party special in time for the new year. Don’t miss out on this 20% discount only offered once per year. Holiday Gift Specials […]

Coaching, Holiday Gift, Joy, Self-Care, vision

November 27, 2019

Vision Board Party and Holiday Gift Specials

I am teaming up with Marnie over at Gathered and Grounded in Decatur, GA, to offer a Winter Late Over on the evening of 12/7 for female identified teens ages 12 to 17. I will be leading them in making vision boards for the upcoming new year. Marnie will lead them in yoga and other […]

Coaching, Joy, Self-Care, vision

November 18, 2019

Upcoming Special Event

It is generally expected that most professionals have a profile on LinkedIn. No, it’s not like Facebook or other social media platforms so don’t use it that way. It should convey your personal brand and strengths. LI is also a platform for professional networking. It is a critical tool for those conducting a job search. […]

Career, Coaching, Job Search, Joy, Self-Care, vision

May 26, 2019

LinkedIn Tips

As many of you excitedly (and exhaustedly) kick off “summer break” this Memorial Day weekend, I am reminded that it’s a good time to do some reflection. Looking back over the last 6 months to a year, are you feeling joyful about where your life is? Do you feel like you have control over all […]

Career, Coaching, Joy, Self-Care

May 25, 2019

School’s Out for Summer

If you are unhappy in your career, read the fantastic article The Very First Step to Take to Change Your Career and then reach out and let me support you in making a change.

Career, Coaching, Job Search, Joy, Resume, Self-Care, vision

March 29, 2019

Feeling Stuck and Unhappy?

Let Valentine’s Day remind us today what really matters. Love. Not cards or chocolates or flowers or if you are single or not. Love matters. And we can start by loving ourselves. Then we can choose to let that love radiate out to others and in turn put a little more loving goodness in our […]

Coaching, Joy, Self-Care

February 14, 2019

Love Matters. And So Do You

The start of a new year is a great time to do a vison board! It can be a source of inspiration for the year as well as serve as a guide for decision making. The process of creating one also helps you get your fears in check so the “buts” and “I can’ts” don’t […]


January 6, 2019

Don’t Miss Out! Vision Board Event Coming Soon

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